Return on Investment

Answer these three questions, and we'll estimate your ROI within just a few seconds.

Let Us Estimate Your Return on Investment in TTN Emergency Roadside Assistance

Of course there's a cost to using TTN emergency roadside assistance. We'll show you that. We'll also show you how TTN can lower your total cost including, payments to vendors, staffing and administration.

Net Savings

We have calculated your savings by using our lower vendor, staffing, and administrative costs vs. typical industry costs for these same expenses, including our event fees.

Return on Investment (ROI)

To calculate your return on investment, we compared the amount you are likely to save to the total cost of our related event fees.

Direct Savings Explained

TTN is the North American leader in fleet repair, towing, and maintenance services. We manage towing and repair from the first call through invoice approval. TTN reduces costs through expert technicians, streamlined processes, proprietary technology, and national buying power. Our integrated services significantly reduce direct costs such as vendor, staffing, and admin expenses.

Vendor costs

TTN's trained diesel technicians often diagnose and solve problems over the phone, avoiding the cost of tows or repairs. We ensure the right providers are assigned, services are being performed as requested, and no more time, labor or materials are used than necessary. Finally, our clients benefit from our buying power with service providers, with whom we've already negotiated the industry's lowest rates.

Staffing Costs

TTN's streamlined processes and technology frees up your employees to focus on your primary business. We lower the cost of operations for dispatch centers by eliminating phone calls and immediately locating the right service providers for the job.

Admin Cost

After a service has been provided, TTN keeps work off your team's plate by auditing every invoice we manage. We help save time on claims through our auditing system and negotiation procedures. We also help manage police-dispatched service providers to avoid overcharging when there's been an accident.

TTN reduced the total cost of road repairs, towing, and cargo-related service by 15 to 27 percent.