TTN Fleet Solutions Launches “HD Assist,” a Heavy-Duty Emergency Roadside Assistance Solution for Commercial Auto Insurance Providers


DALLAS, TX — Todd Neiberger, Chief Executive Officer of TTN Fleet Solutions, announced today the launch of a heavy-duty roadside assistance solution for insurance providers and claims administrators. Known as “HD Assist,” the product has been piloted for several months. Now, TTN is making it available to the insurance industry, at-large.

“Many insurance companies want to provide heavy-duty roadside assistance for commercial auto insurance policyholders, but — typically — roadside assistance isn’t an internal competency or part of their primary business,” Neiberger explained. “We’re experts in heavy-duty roadside assistance, and we’ve applied more than a decade of experience to establish a program that lets insurance companies and others provide heavy duty roadside assistance, seamlessly, to their customers.”

Here’s how the program works. Insurers offer policies with specific inclusions, exclusions, deductible amounts, and other rules for covered roadside events. When trucks breakdown anywhere in the U.S., policyholders call a toll-free, dedicated, heavy-duty roadside assistance phone number to request help.

TTN Fleet Solutions expertly manages these events from start to finish. Agents confirm and explain coverage, collect deductibles, and then work directly with policyholders to manage towing and repair — billing separately and collecting payments for expenses that are not covered by insurance. In this manner, insurers reduce administration while customers benefit from a single point of contact and expert service.

“HD Assist is available to any auto insurer, claims administrator, or roadside assistance benefit provider who offers coverage but does not want the administrative burden of managing breakdowns,” Neiberger emphasized. “From initial call through verification of coverage, towing, repair, and payment… we manage the process for insurers and their customers.”

“We’re a heavy-duty breakdown and maintenance technology company,” added Tyler Harden, Chief Strategy & Product Development for TTN Fleet Solutions. “Our solution communicates rapidly, conveniently, and accurately with commercial auto policyholders regarding what is covered versus what is not. Think of it as an immediate ‘claims adjustment.’ Policyholders get quick answers regarding coverage and any amounts they owe. Insurers benefit from an enhanced brand image, along with credit from customers for fast, high-quality, heavy-duty roadside assistance and service.”

“We get drivers and equipment back on the road — regardless of what’s covered and what’s not,” Harden clarified. “We ensure deductibles and other expenses are collected and distributed properly. Our technology makes these transactions clear, quick, and precise — exactly what you’d want if you were a stranded driver, or an owner-operator wanting to reduce downtime and get freight moving again.”

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